Warranty and Service Policy

Although here at GEVENZA we believe our machines are the best – we don’t go around shouting that from the rooftops – we let the machines and those who use them do the talking for us.

Sometimes however we get the occasional errant example – you might call them
‘lemons’ or a ‘dogs’ – that’s those times when Murphy’s Law seems to prevail.

‘Anything that can go wrong – will go wrong and at the worst possible time’

That’s when our warranties, extended warranties and loan machine offers kick in so that we can sort out any problems with a minimum of disruption and inconvenience.

For all of our machine range we have a number of warranty levels ranging from the ‘Lifetime’ warranty on the cabinets and exterior, to 36, 24 and 12 months warranties on the interior mechanical and electronic components.

All of these are of course subject to clearly defined terms and conditions but there are no tricks or catches involved – so contact us here at GEVENZA for more details.

All repairs or service completed by GEVENZA carry a standard 90 day warranty