Technical Downloads

Welcome to GEVENZA Technical and General Information Downloads Page – click on the file name below for technical specifications and general information. Earlier models are listed here, new machines will be added regularly

To view the technical downloads you will require Acrobat Reader. Available here for free.

> GEVENZA 2014 Brochure Download
GEVENZA Frequently asked Question (FAQ) Download


> Aida User Manual-0404.pdf
> Aida Technical Diagrams DE25-01 ver-2004.pdf
> Aida Technical Diagrams-DE25-02 ver-2004.pdf
> Aida Technical Diagrams-DE25-03 ver-2004.pdf
> Aida Technical Diagrams-DE25-07 ver-2004.pdf
> Aida Technical Diagrams-DE25-08 ver-2004.pdf


> Bistrot CPU Output Diagram.pdf
> Bistrot Installation Instructions.pdf
> Bistrot Technical Exploded Diagrams 2003.pdf
> Bistrot Parts List.pdf


> Classic/Gaia Espresso and Instant User Manual 2002.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Espresso and Instant User Manual 2003.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Fault Alarms Displayed by Machine placard.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Programming and Alarms Software vers 06.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Daily Cleaning and Maint Guide.pdf
> Classic/Gaia and Adia – Removing Coffee Brewer Unit.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 1-6 Cabinet Front Door Lock and Keypad.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 2-6 Rear Power Supply and Mainboard.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 3-6 Soluble Canisters and Motors.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 4-6 Water system and boiler, power input.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 5-6 Mixing bowls, motors and spill tray.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Technical Diagrams Tav 6-6 Brew Group Grinder Doser and Brewer.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Electronic Board Schematics.pdf
> Classic/Gaia and Aida Exchanging H2O Installations Plumbed and Portable.pdf
> Classic/Gaia Parts List 2005.pdf


> Mini Combi/Combi Technical Diagrams S SL Combi B LB DE60-70-80-01.pdf
> Mini Combi/Combi Technical Diagrams S SL Combi B LBDE60-70-80-02.pdf
> Mini Combi 0903 User Manual.pdf


> Petit Bistrot (Avem Vera) Tech Diagrams.pdf
> Petit Bistrot User Manual 1999.pdf
> Petit Bistrot Daily Cleaning.pdf
> Petit Bistrot Spare Parts List.pdf


> Money Controls Coin Validator SR3 Type 2 MechTool Manual V3.0.pdf


> Nuova Simonelli Microbar parts list.pdf