Nuova Simonelli Microbar

Microbar Coffee VenderMicrobar is the compact super-automatic by Nuova Simonelli with the performances of maxi professional machine. Microbar 2008 enables to create a coffee-point in all those situations when the coffee consumption is reduced, but that do not permit to renounce to the pleasure of a good steamy cup.

Suitable for:
small coffee corners, locations with high employee turnover, self service
locations, office buildings. Advised for a daily production up to 120 cups.


  • Milk fridge.
  • Electric cup warmer.
  • Turbocream
  • Extra sylos.
  • Smart card.


All the characteristics of a professional machine in only 32 centimeters.
Wide drink selection with either a direct water connection or 5 liter water reservoir.
Through a simple press of the button, Microbar prepares tasty and creamy drinks. It is also easy to set thanks to the smart card.
Double Grinder
Microbar can have two grinders for different coffee blends or decaffeinated coffee.
Thermo-compensated metal group, on demand steaming, energy-saving mode, and double tamping system for dry grounds.
Integrates easy-tech technology for ease of maintenance and increased reliability.

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