Clearance Specials

Gevenza offers special clearances from time to time and here are the current special deals.

1. Reconditioned Adimac Gaia E3, ex rentals/trade-ins (2004-2005 models) with 90 day warranty, just 3 left from $1,500+GST, coin validator and accessories add $250+GST

2. Reconditioned Adimac Aida E, late 2007 model trade-in with 330 x 8.25oz capacity cup dropper, just $1,950+GST with 90 day warranty, coin validator and accessories add $250+GST

3. Reconditioned Adimac Capri E 2006 and 2009 models, ex rentals/trade-ins with 180 day warranty $2,500+GST and $2,750+GST (coin validator and accessories add $250+GST, change-givers POA

4. MyLatte 2015 (HoReCa) Fresh Milk models with integrated fridge, usually $9,950+GST, special introductory offer, just $7,750+GST. Two only available with 12 month warranty (extended to 24 months add $200+GST).

5. Adimac Gaia Base cabinets (Black, re-powdered coated to buyers colour preference) from $130+GST.