Adimac Raffaello


adimac raffaelloAutomatic refrigerated vending machine for snacks and drinks with good loading capacity.
Thanks to its compactness Raffaello is the most functional solution within Adimac range.

  • Internal refrigeration with temperature adjustable from 3° to 15° C
  • Protocols standard management of parallel, executive and MDB payment systems
  • Possibility of master/slave connection to other models within Adimac range
  • Sales menu capacity (up to 3 products in one selection)
  • Stainless steel spirals
  • LED lighting
  • Adjustable trays each 1,5 cm
  • Extractable control panel for easier maintenance
  • Trays locking system for enhanced safety
  • Intended for installation of 2 payment systems maximum


  • Triangular sandwiches tray kit
  • Win-Adimac application software
  • Support cabinet kit

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