Adimac Pesca 24H

The first vending machine fully dedicated to hunting & fishing.

fishing vending machineAutomatic refrigerated vending machine dedicated to fishing: it can sell live-baits, pastures, fishing hooks, leads, wires, batteries, torches, fishing floats and much more. The machine can be installed outside of the shop, by fishing lakes, on docks and ports. It was built with materials suitable for outdoor installation and treated with special paints, that may withstand to saltiness.

  • 24/7 opened shop, no-stop sale for an exclusive service
  • High-security lock
  • Internal control system of cash receipts
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Equipped with a bi-zone refrigerating system that allows keeping the 3°C temperature in the lower trays and 10-12° C in the upper trays, or 3° C in the whole machine
  • Attracting and original graphics
  • Lighted window display equipped with insulating glass and polycarbonate shock-proof panel Stainless steel pirals, trays and internal finishing, specific against wear from natural chemical agents
  • Product drop sensor for the possible credit recovery in case of failed delivery
  • Shock-proof and anti-vandalism external armour plating
  • Banknote scanner with counterfeit detector and anti-theft packing system
  • 36 selections maximum on 6 trays fully customizable in height and depth according to the product space requirement.
  • Removable trays to make the product loading and cleaning easier


  • Extra armour plating kit prepared for installation of 4 padlocks
  • Stainless steel wheels kit
  • Telemetry kit
  • Polycarbonate cover to shelter the machine from the rain
  • Payment system by means of prepaid electronic key or card for customer loyalty

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