Adimac Michelangelo


michelangeloAutomatic refrigerated combo vending machine for snacks and soft drinks with excellent loading capacity. Thanks to thousand configurations Michelangelo is the most versatile solution of Adimac range. It is also available in the Blindo version.

The Blindo version has been purposely developed to achieve the best safety condition in places subject to vandalism such as: railway, bus, metro and gas stations.
The structure has been armoured on the possible main points of attack. Thanks to extra burglar-proof side bars
(optional) and polycarbonate window protection (standard), the vending machine is even safer, without forgoing
the elegance that characterizes Adimac models.

  • Equipped with a bi-zone refrigerating system allowing to keep a 3°C temperature in lower trays and 10-12° C in upper trays, or 3° C temperature in the whole machine
  • Protocols standard management of parallel, executive and MDB payment systems
  • Possibility of master/slave connection to other models within Adimac range
  • Sales menu capacity (up to 3 products in one selection)
  • Door lock on three points
  • Stainless steel spirals
  • LED lighting
  • Adjustable trays each 1,5 cm
  • Extractable control panel for easier maintenance
  • Trays locking system for enhanced safety
  • Intended for installation of 3 payment systems maximum


  • Extra armour plating kit prepared for installation of 4 padlocks
  • Ground/wall fastening kit
  • Telemetry kit

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