Adimac Capri

Adimac CapriDescription

Adimac technology for an attractive design makes this hot drinks vending machine Capri a pleasure to your eyes.  And for your coffee break.

Capri Espresso

  • 1 coffee beans canisters
  • 5 soluble product canisters
  • 1 sugar canister

Capri Solubile

  • 6 soluble product canisters
  • 1 sugar canister
  • 16 direct selections and 2 sugar pre-selections
  • 540 cups capacity
  • 300 cc brass boiler complete of valves, pump, pressure regulator and water volumetric
  • counting system assembled on one single bracket which can be extracted just by removing four screws
  • Adaptable stirrer dispenser for 90-105-115 mm long stirrers
  • Attractive design door enhanced by the stainless steel front
  • Up to 3 payment systems can be installed on the machine
  • Standard management of parallel, Executive serial and MDB communications protocols
  • Possibility of master/slave connection with other Adimac models
  • Metal coffee unit including a coffee grinder with conical blades, totally removable just by one screw
  • Illuminated dispensing chamber
  • Machine set-up creation or adjustment thanks to Win-Adimac software


  • 8 oz. cup dispenser
  • Led light kit on the front
  • Level detector of the drainage tank
  • Cup presence sensor
  • Self-feeding kit with 20 litres tank
  • Descaling kit
  • Vandal-proof buttons
  • Hot water electrovalve kit
  • Flood protection kit
  • Win-Adimac Software
  • Extra armour plating kit

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